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Welcome!  My name is Shirley Benson, 
and I have been raising dairy goats
for over forty three years.  In that time, 
I've owned every breed of goat there is.
I settled on the LaMancha because they
are the very best tempered, smartest,
and most prolific milkers you will find.  
They produce a very sweet, high
butterfat milk, and enough of it to feed 
a family.  If you're serious about wanting
a milk goat, you seriously should 
be thinking LaMancha.
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Home Page
This amazing bird is a wild female Roadrunner.
She makes several visits to my milk room each day
and has become so tame that she now comes 
to me when I call her, and takes food from my hand.

It is a rare privilege to be so completely accepted 
and trusted by such a wild creature.